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Boredwaani: Chasing cricket in the USA

by bored cricket crazy indians

Boredwaani-US-Cricket by bored cricket

When you move from a land where cricket is the ultimate answer and go to a place where, if you mention cricket the common question is, "I've heard cricket games go for days.. Is that so?", you do all that you can to watch the one sport you truly love. Bored Members Homer (trapped in time zones), Samir Chopra (serial user of the tape-delay system), The Cricket Couch (who watched a Ind-Pak WC match amongst 40 Indians and 40 Pakistanis) and bored guest Devanshu Mehta talk about the various things they had to resort to, to watch cricket in the U.S.

Devanshu Mehta blogs at Deep Backward Point

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