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Boredwaani: Watching cricket in the USA ( with or without Willow TV)

by bored cricket crazy indians

Cricket fans in the U.S. have long been at the mercy of cricinfo's commentary and satellite dishes to follow live cricket. With the advent of Willow TV, a solution emerged but bored member Samir Chopra ran into some serious issues with the service. Listen to bored members Samir and The Cricket Couch thrash out the Willow TV issue with bored guest, Devanshu Mehta, who pursued various angles to the story .

Devanshu Mehta blogs at Deep Backward Point 

1 comment:

Gaurav Sethi said...

Welcome on bored Devanshu.

Guys, ever give returning to India a serious thought? 7 sports channels, most showing cricket, and you know how much it costs? And yeah, the cable guy just rang the bell to collect the dues, I don't chase him to pay my subscriptions.