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After Test Match Sofa, you can now listen to us on Reverse Swept Radio.

by bored cricket crazy indians

Reverse Swept Radio? We heard of RS Radio a few days back when Andy Ryan (not to be confused with Ayn Rand) wrote in, inviting us to preview the India England series. Andy Ryan and Toby Chadd make the RS Radio squad, as also the playing XI - they are a two man talking army. They have spoken, and boy, will they be heard.

You can hear us appear on their 16th episode now - Naked Cricket's preview of the India England series is about 8 minutes into the show (up the volume here), while Andy + Tobby talk about BCC! into the 35th minute, and with some love at that. Thank you for having us on the show, gentlemen.The Indians (listeners) are coming.

Listen to us on Reverse Swept Radio here

In their own words - "Every two weeks, Andy Ryan and Toby Chadd sit, with unreliable microphones, unreliable laptop and reliable bottles of beer, and chat about cricket. Cricket that's happening now, cricket that's going to happen next week, cricket that happened a very long time ago, cricket books, cricket journalism and Don Bradman's nose."

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