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Bored Cricket Cunning Linguists - Speak up on the India England test series

by bored cricket crazy indians

Bored-calls-IndEng by bored cricket

Hello! And welcome on bored to our crazy new experiment - Play and listen to 10 bored members make Early Bored Calls in Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, sort of Hindi, Afrikaans and loads more. Wanna? Come contribute, record your Early Bored Call on an MP3 or WMA (with emphasis on the series result, Jatman's absence, who will Thank You Sachin!, KhufiaBaaz, and whatever on Bored grabs you! Mail us

*The ball was once red, then this tongue licked it white. 


mspr1nt said...

Who is first up? He sounds like somebody from Star Wars.

Naked Cricket said...


crownish said...

Mile sure mera tumhara, Early Bored Call baney hamaara

vignesh said...

India struggling to pick up wickets withou Zaheer Khan !!

Soulberry said...

Good mail sah.