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Major Singh Dhoni Contest Winner

by bored cricket crazy indians

Big J aka Jaspreet Singh lay siege on Politics, Cricket, Pakistan, India, Presidents, moustaches, kickbacks with his sharp wit - He is the winner of the Major Singh Dhoni Contest. As SMG would say, "as they say, attack is the best form of... defence", well played Big J. For more attacks, you must visit Cricket Inc for Fantasy Cricket Matches.

And here is the Musharraf + MSD "Don''t get a haircut" video

Jigar Mehta's entry, "Well all you Jawans do you wanna know how i taught Kevin pietersen the art of Batting? Left Right Left Left Left Right Left!" was running Big J close after the swimsuit round, but the Judge's Question-Answer swung it for Big J.


Jaspreet Singh said...

Im really flattered. :-D
Thank you. But can you please do me a favor? I have stopped writing blogs a long time ago. If you can, please redirect that link to the website and not on that blog.
Thank you very much again.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Welcome on Bored, Jaspreet.

Sure, will do.

Jigar Mehta (jigsactin) said...

hey congrats Jaspreet :) Thanks @BCC! for choosing me the second best :) btw i am sports writer and analyst on :)

Jaspreet Singh said...

Thank you very much, admin.
Thanks Jigar!!

Abhey Nagpal said...

Well deserved!

Jaspreet Singh said...

Thanks Abhey. :-)