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Sachin’s schedule for next Wimbledon.

by KhufiaBaaz

Sachin can be very perceptive: he holds himself responsible for Federer’s defeat at Wimbledon. He believes that it was soon after their meeting that Federer was knocked out, whereas players like Nadal and Djokovic who he did not hangout with made the finals.

It could be a punishing schedule next Wimbledon – Sachin is taking no chances, and wants to be in London for 2 weeks till Federer seals the deal.

His plan: acquire Federer’s draw way before hand, and then meet each one of Federer’s opponents from the first round onwards. Rumour is Sachin could also meet some of Federer’s warm-up partners, for he knows only too well, how losing warm-up games can demoralize a champion.

As for meeting Federer, that can wait. Sachin will not appear at any of Federer’s matches. Superstitious as he is, he feels eye contact could prove fatal.

Another thing, Sachin will don a different suit next time around: A pajama suit if you please.

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