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Same old Dhoni, but as always, the difference is Tendulkar.

by bored cricket crazy indians

Once upon an IPL (see how MSD waits for that precise moment when Shukla steps past the crease, only then does he instruct his boys to knock the bails off)

Now (Oh well, it's that Bell not-out run-out again, not much of a difference is there?)

If Sachin was in MSD's IPL team, who knows, Shukla too may have returned, to face the last ball of the innings. 

Thanks to Leela at Maidenbowling for the MSD-IPL video


Leela said...


Jaspreet Singh said...

It is rather strange. There is no money for upholding the spirit of the game in Test matches, but there is in IPL.
Im not against Dhoni, but keeping the scorecards of both matches in mind, Dhoni has shown where his priority lies.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Leela, you never forget a CSK detail, do you

Anonymous said...

So, all those columns about Dhoni being a sucker and a nitwit were to no avail?

This would mean that we would have to replace the name "Dhoni" with "Tendulkar" in all these articles!