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The voices inside Rahul Dravid's head

by Gaurav Sethi

Greg Chappell's gone, the bad run's behind him, and after years, his name is mentioned ahead of His. Almost, often enough. But what is it with these freak show dismissals - is there a milk of confused human kindness that flows out of Dravid's ears - first that shoelace edge that he didn't refer, and now that spot that never showed up on hot spot - and Dravid has to go on telly and tell everyone he thought he heard a feather? Is this Adelaide, are there seagulls fluttering? Why can't he just stick to technology and say - hotspot never showed up, what I think here, doesn't matter. As it is, you've never been too forthcoming with what you think, why bother now. Or is 2011 that post 2007 English summer gone full circle - don't be too surprised if accepts the captaincy again. Maybe he's heard something we haven't.


Foram Gosrani said...

Is this Adelaide, are there seagulls fluttering?
Best line so far!! :) :)
Perfect!! He hears feathers. Viru cant hear anything! Seems they need to exchange the aid n powers!

G said...

hmm..not sure you are being sarcastic or doubting Dravid's genuine honest comment here. It is very much possible that most of the times batsman would not be very sure about the touch so small..and also he said he might have feathered it not that he hit the cover off it.
top bloke

Murali said...

Just STOP being sarcastic and acknowledge the only Gentleman Cricketer still playing !

Just proves he is a class apart from the others who havent even been able to hold fort to help save a test, not even somebody who has been touted as a Bharat Ratna ! What crap? Bharat ratna for somebody who hasnt been able to help save even 1 test match!!!

Prashant said...

Bells clang emphatically one way or the other but gentlemen are subtler...they hear feathers.