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Bhajji don't go.

by Gaurav Sethi

The biggest non-SRT cricket news going is that his chela, Bhajj’s been dropped for the first 2 ODI's against England. He will be missed. In his time away, he will undergo spa treatment, action-change, flight enhancement, tweaking of spinning finger and I-will-not-pitch-the-ball-outside-off-and-see-it-jump-up-short-enough-to-be-played-behind-square-by-Kallis rehab. He will return with a Chautha – an ode to the erstwhile non-spinner he once was – it will be the ball that will return to hand after leaving hand.

He will in all probability also return for the 3rd ODI. It’ll take one bad over from Rahul Sharma or Ashwin or Kohli, and Bhajji will be back to change-the-game. It’s happened often enough with Ojha, Mishra, and every other spinner whose name you can’t remember. I just hope Bhajji remembers to thank Sachin’s new house for watching over him from the sidelines.

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