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A Bored Meeting, in a long time...

by RajaB

I was thoroughly domesticated when the phone rang. So domesticated that it had to take a missed call and a friendly fire before I could call back.

It was a number I didn’t know, it could be another wealth manager who thought I’m one of those wealthy expats who could take care of his wealthy aspirations or it could be one of those Pathan sounding prophets who was going to deliver the message that would change my life, these Pathan’s are our friendly neighbourhood Nigerian attorney would who call us to say that we have won and how we claim !!

As another hungry executive who is after new business I decided to take a risk, call the number back.

Hey, Raja it is Gaurav… NC

That was how the other end sounded, familiar finally.

So where do we meet ? Krossroads in Bur Dubai, said the voice.

I’ve always been a pampered kid, I have been fortunate enough not to have seen crossroads till date. So, where is it, I asked ?

The answer puzzled me, this hotel was a well known pick-up place in town. It is match fixing I thought, this guy NC is trying to fix a match, either a Chinese or a Russian. I felt like I had just pressed the "I'm feeling lucky" button on google.

This dream and expectation was squashed with his next word, my wife, my cousin & his wife are joining us.

So I landed up in Krossroads, crossroads of a Chinese & Russian abundance. And I met Gaurav Sethi, his lovely & lively wife Vandana and his cousins. It wasn’t a purely cricket meeting, but for the Champions League semifinals there wouldn’t have been a common cricket thread.

But still, even before I knew Gaurav and his inner circle we managed to speak about the recently concluded Irani Trophy, the 2010 Ranji season (TN vs Delhi), the fast bowlers in India and their mind set, injuries to the players and the boards reaction to that, Gayle’s batting, draft beer, Stella’s, Kalyani's and much more.

It got better when I got to speak to the family. Crazy they are as our community is named. The wife is someone who was awake and watched full matches in ’83, the Prudential times. The cousin is a guy who finds fault with the way Gayle cocks-up and delivers his deadly blows and his wife, someone who grew-up loving Gavaskar.

Man, that is too Naked a Cricket family his is… And to top it all off, this ladies sister is a Kapil Dev fan and they had friendly fires in the family as to who’s great !!

Man, I got to know how Naked Cricket love or craziness can get… I never knew I can get so close to the flesh of cricket.

God Bless Naked Cricket and his lovely wife Vandu !!

It was a pleasure meeting them in home conditions. Now I await a return series !!

1 comment:

Som said...

As is the case with all matches in Dubai, you can't be too sure whose home series it is. It can be very well Gaurav's home series. By the way, thought you guys would brainstorm at ICC headquarters.