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How Azhar & Kambli Do Their Match Fixing:

by Gaurav Sethi

hat tip @fakingnews for that Kambli gf tweet


Rahul said...

CBI starts investigation 0f 2G from 1996,it is good.Similarly, the fixing issue in cricket must also investigated. Azaharuddin,s assocoation with Congress Party should not be any consideration.

Ankit Poddar said...

Waah! What a thought boss. Many would have read that tweet, but only NC could see a Bored Venn in that!

live cricket streaming said...

this whole new issue reminds me again and again about India's debacle at Kolkata in 96 semi finals. The only match after which I cried. Since then I always wished if India can beat Sri Lanka in a similar big tournament. Dream came true when Dhoni hit a six in world cup final to make things even stevens. I screamed loudly and removed the frustration that i had burried in my heart since 1996. sorry to go off topic but wished to share my experience.