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Teri Maa Ki series renamed The Border Gavaskar Trophy.

by Gaurav Sethi

In lieu of neither Bhajji nor Symonds playing, the Teri Maa Ki! Series will be renamed The Border Gavaskar Trophy. This hasn’t gone down too well with any of the non-players.

Bhajji“First I lost my passport and my credit cards, to now lose the Teri Maa Ki! Series is like…losing my passport and credit cards all over again”. Yet another flat delivery from Bhajji.

Bhajji spoke of his association with Symonds in the Mumbai Indians’ dressing room – and how they had kept the TMK spirit alive by abusing each other in their newly acquired IPL mother tongue – Marathi. Bhajji added – “Thanks to Sachin’s lessons in Marathi, Symonds can now tell when I’m calling him a monkey or his mother a eh…” he tapered off.

Symonds – “Honestly, I have no idea that the series will not be called TMK – I’m in the Big Boss house, mate. I also have no idea that Sunny Leone is what they say she is…in the Big Boss house none of us know that she is a porn star.”

Sunny Gavaskar “I’ve had enough of being confused with Sunny Leone. Though I will say this, she needs only two more films to reach that magical figure of a century of porn films.”

Border“Ummm just like one of Ricky Ponting or Michael Hussey must go, it’s obvious to me that one of TMK or BG will have to go, finally it’s the performance of the players that should decide who stays – Ricky, Hussey, Bhajji, Symonds, Gavaskar and Border are all has-beens – they should rename the TMK or BG trophy The MSD-MJC trophy.”(after Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Michael John Clarke)

Symonds also spoke of his association with Bhajji in the Mumbai Indians dressing room – and how they had kept the TMK spirit alive by abusing each other in their newly acquired IPL mother tongue – Marathi. Symonds added – “Thanks to Sachin’s lessons in Marathi, I can now tell when Bhajji is calling me a monkey or my mother a eh…”, he tapered off.

India’s preparation has been first-rate – unlike the England series where key-players broke down while playing in a test match (Zaks, Bhajji, Gauti) for the series Down Under, players have broken down weeks before the tour. Praveen Kumar in fact, broke down so well-in-advance, it’s feared, he may actually have enough time to recuperate and stage a premature comeback and breakdown yet again. Even though it’s often said that there’s no such thing as a good time to be injured, Varun Aaron timed his perfectly. No sooner was he selected, he was able to combine his letter of gratitude with his unavailability due to injury in the very same email. 

Aaron’s letter – Thank you kind sirs for picking me for this prestigious tour…oh, it’s just come to my notice that I can’t type anymore…I fear bowling will be a tad more difficult.


live cricket online said...

hehe nice one.. cant forget that ugly thing that happened last time when India toured Australia.. but i appreciate BCCI's stand that time to support Bhajji

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