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Should WAGS go on tour?

by Gaurav Sethi

Saha: What have I done to deserve this...

After the England series and the first Test in Australia, you could also ask: Should India go on tour?

Today, as I waded through a tree of pulp, first the TOI, then the Mail Today, what do I see- our boys with their ladies. And yeah, there was one of Ashwin with Ojha, as there usually is one of Kohli with Rohit.

Sachin, MS, Gambhir, Ashwin, Saha, all have their wives on tour, and in the papers – the P3P of cricket, a no-brainer, take pic, put in print. Usually I’d let something like this pass, like Viru, arms’ folded in the Delhi Police Ad.

Also, as Allen Stanford is locked up, WAGS should consider themselves safe.

But seeing as some of our boys aren’t too keen on the extra net or practice match, how much of a good thing is this?

Most teams tour with this extended entourage – Mahela and Sanga have their wives edgily rapt in most home games, but it’s only when the losses add up overseas that Jayasuriya could eye a comeback, and you have to ask – do we need the ladies on tour?

You know about football, how some coaches prefer players don’t wank or crank it up in the bedroom before a big game – what about a big tour Down Under, and as I say this, my mind goes to two players who should still be on their honeymoon.  

Gambhir: Take another #@%$ photo and I'll elbow your camera

Stray thought: If two players are sharing a room, and one of them is married, how do they sort that? Who sleeps on the couch? Is the toilet seat up or down?

Anyway, if they win Sydney, we can forget I even mentioned this. If they don’t, then we’ll ask another question: Should video games go on tour?

Ashwin: We play carrom...

 Pictures: Times of India, Mail Today. Surprised not to find any in HT, Indian Express.


Sathwik Sriram said...

I find it really funny that Saha took his wife, maybe he tried to slip in a Australian vacation to his better half. Not that he has any game to play there anyways! :D

Sujan said...

RJD demands a reservation in this :D