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by bored cricket crazy indians

I just saw Yuvi’s cricket life flash in front of my eyes – the good parts, the really good parts, they were uplifting, walk on water uplifting. 

In hindsight, what happened between two World Cup wins was a lesser sport, the small print.

Yuvi has a way with the headlines – a 50 gets him there faster than a 50 from VVS.

Now he’s gone and done it again.

Yuvraj Singh has cancer.

And Virender Sehwag says it’s a very bad time for Indian cricket. And all we talk about now is Sachin, Dravid and Laxman retiring, and the defeats.

Yuvi. Inspire us one more time, dude. Inspire Indian cricket. Fuck the cancer.



1 comment:

chitraranjan said...

yuvi should not stop playing cricke