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Lalit Modi offers to shift IPL-5 to England.

by KhufiaBaaz

After being declared bankrupt and subsequently asked to pay damages to the tune of $142,000 to Chris Cairns, Lalit Modi tweeted somewhat incoherently – Tell Srini I can shift the IPL to England in a few weeks. When reminded that the IPL starts in a few days in India, he muttered something about South Africa – and even though I’m not at the best of terms with the BCCI, they should still give me a few weeks.

But what can be the reason behind this vague offer – Modi experts claim it’s nothing more than a parent pining to hold his baby and cell phone again, simultaneously.
Experts questioned IPL chairman, Rajiv Shukla on this custody battle – Shukla snorted, saying neither he nor former chairman, Chirayu Amin ever thought of Modi as their Baap!  It was only when Modi was chairman that he was both Baap and Beta!

In other news, Chris Cairns hopes to fulfil his dream of playing for the IPL now that his name has been cleared, hopefully alongside Sachin Tendulkar in the Mumbai Indians - "Today's verdict lifts a dark cloud that has been over me for the past two years. I feel great relief that I am able to walk into any cricket ground in the world especially the Wankhede and the DY Patil…with my head held high.” He quickly added that he was even happier that Sachin had made his 100th 100.

Lalit Modi also tweeted his congratulations to Sachin, but for the master blaster’s maiden IPL ton.

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