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Why not drop both Dhoni and Sehwag?

by KhufiaBaaz

While his friends go collectively nuts especially the guy behind the camera, MSD's self possessed, thinking ahead, of how this video will one day go viral, and people will watch and say: Hey, that's just another cool post match interview.

The  video title says - MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI getting abused by his friends orginal video. Far from it, there's some banter, regular stuff among friends. A more apt title would be MSD's getting his a** licked by his friends original video.  

It's close to 7 years since MS' Test debut, nearly 8 since he played his first one dayer, and 12 years since he made his first class debut. Today, if anything what's still intact is Mahi's aura. And looking at that video repeatdely, and looking back on his post match interviews (esp the ones after the 4-0, 4-0 vs England, Australia), here's what I think: if you put the TV on mute, you'd have trouble telling whether India had just lost a game. Too much *grin* *grin*. 

For MSD it's just another day at the office where he has to look and sound his best; usually pointing fingers at seniors, teammates, rain, toss, kismat. His last 5 years as captain have been the stuff corporate coaching class success stories are made of. Whether by accident or design, today, his strongest two competitors to the top job, Sehwag and Gambhir, are at best, IPL warriors, ironically, no less or more than him.

Yesterday TOI documented the Dhoni-Sehwag Divide - it goes back to the first World T20 when Dhoni chose to open with Yusuf Pathan instead of Sehwag. None of it sounds like news, didn't we all see it happen series after series? Just as Dhoni finds it hard to hide his grins, Sehwag finds it tough to supress that sullen face.  

Whether Sehwag and Dhoni can make peace is besides the point; they're not scoring runs or winning games for India, why haven't they been given an ultimatum so far? If they don't come through, both can return to winning games for their IPL franchises.  

Of course, this is way too far flung. The politics of Indian cricket, the Delhi and Chennai axis won't allow either. What Indian cricket needs today is another posterboy to replace Dhoni, and that boy is not Virat Kohli. For Virat is already our best batsman. And he's from Delhi not the hinterland.  

As for Sehwag, doubt his fitness will allow him to play through many celebrations. Good for him then that the team wins so infrequently.


crownish said...

Ab bacha hi kaun? Virat is the only guy who has his name guaranteed on teamsheets across all formats.

Govind Raj said...

Rohit Sharma for Captain. He can't play any worse than this. That way all the "talent and potential" supporters can rest in piece and India can replace one non-playing Captain with another !

Cricket said...

I think Sehwag should play some first class cricket match and after that he should start to play in International cause First class match is very good way to get his fine form back. India need sehwag for a long time cause every one know how he is brilliant and for dhoni he will play for a long time cause he is brilliant and no 1 captain for india. Both are very good player but they just need 1 fine innings to come back in old form.

Alfred Birthday said...

Happy Birthday Viru Paaji. I will Pray to the Almighty that you have Score Many Triple Hundreds and have a Long Life. I Salute You.

pph free demo said...

oh I was going to watch that video you added on this post, but when I clicked play, it showed me an error saying that the video is not available to my country :( thanks anyway!