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Book Release Announcement: Brave New Pitch by Samir Chopra

by Samir Chopra

Dear BCCI'ers and fellow cricket fans, as some of you might know, I'd been working on my book on cricket for a while. I'm happy to report the book, Brave New Pitch: The Evolution of Modern Cricket has finally been released by HarperCollins India.

It is now available at Amazon (for US readers), and at Flipkart (for Indian readers). An e-book version should be out very soon and I'm also trying to figure out what its availability in the UK and Australian markets will be. What is the book about? Well, I think the blurb on the back does a decent job of telling us, but I'll be happy to provide more detail for anyone interested:
Cricket as we know it may soon be no more. Thanks to Twenty20, technology, media, and the sheer financial power of Indian cricket, the gentleman’s game is on the brink of radical changes. Nation-based cups might give way to T20 professional leagues; umpires might be replaced by technology; and professional franchises, not national boards, might call the shots. Could cricket go the way of professional football? Will Test cricket survive in an entertainment-driven field? Will television rights deals determine the nature of the game? This upheaval has been accompanied by conflict between the old guard England and Australia and the new boss, India. If the spirit of cricket is to survive these changes, it requires the balancing of economic, political and sporting imperatives. The game must find a way to remain a financially solvent global sport that caters to the changing tastes of its fans and players by creatively using new media and limited-overs cricket. In ‘Brave New Pitch’, Samir Chopra takes a hard look at cricket’s tumultuous present, and considers what could and should lie ahead.
Perhaps the best way for me to describe the book is that it is a fan's reactions to all the changes in the game. The effects of Twenty20 are interesting and important in many ways, not least because it forces us to think about many existing realities of the game and how they could work differently. Cricket could be headed for interestingly different times, ones that could see a new world of cricket if its possibilities are fully realized. This book is my attempt to try and see what that might look like and what the various forces affecting its forms are.

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oh that book seems pretty interesting and after reading your review, I will try to find it and buy it in order to read it :D thanks!