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India’s most decorated Olympian, hockey legend Leslie Claudius, passes away

by K

Leslie Walter Claudius, India’s most decorated Olympian, breathed his last at his home town Kolkata on December 20, 2012. Claudius, who passed away at 85, was one of only two players (along with the late Udham Singh of India) in the history of hockey to have won four Olympic medals. Claudius, a part of India’s golden generation, won the the gold at London 1948, Helsinki 1952, Melbourne 1956 and a silver at Rome 1960 (where he was captain). His tally of four medals at the Olympics (along with Udham Singh) is the highest achieved by any Indian so far. So great were his achievements in his sport that the 2012 Olympics organisers had temporarily renamed Bushey Railway Station in London after Leslie. We salute you Sir.

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wow I could believe it when I read this title and then I thought about it and I realized it could be totally possible since India has one of the biggest inhabitants in the world