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On Dravid's birthday, let's talk Tendulkar and Che Pujara (on NDTV)

by Gaurav Sethi

Bored Member Naked Cricket (Gaurav Sethi) on NDTV's #TheSocialNetwork debate: Does Indian cricket need another Dravid or Tendulkar now? Guest appearance: Cheteshwar Pujara. And a song for Dravid at the end - You did it all, coz were the wall. Happy Bored Day, Jammie!

view on NDTV


Keshav said...

Gaurav.... boss, this was fantastic! You stole the thunder from under everybody'd hooves....great going!!!! :-)

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Owen said...

I like a lot your cricket blog bro!

pay per head demo said...

hey I just wanted to wish happy birthday to Dravid and since today it's february 14th, also happy Valentine's day! :D