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Heated Bhajji vs Ojha Debate on NDTV

by Gaurav Sethi

Why was Pragyan Ojha dropped for the Chennai Test? Why was Bhajji picked - to play his 100th Test? Join Bored Member Gaurav Sethi talking Naked Cricket on NDTV. And the rap in the end.

view on NDTV


Gareth said...

NDTV isn't the only place I've seen rather heated discussions on this same subject!

Frankly, as good as Harbhajan has been in the past, I can't seen who Ojha isn't an automatic pick after the England series. He was by far the most effective bowler in those game and it really baffles me that he is out of the side.

I could understand if it were between Ashwin and Bhajji given that, although Ashwin was good with the bat, both are off spinners and that Ashwin had a poor series with cricket ball in hand.

It will probably not matter as I can't see Australia winning with four quicks in their side but even so you can;t continue to pick an out of form payer on his reputation alone.

Sajith said...

Enjoyed the debate and the points made.