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Delhi Daredevils take the cake

by Gaurav Sethi

click on funny poster to enlarge

Stuck on the door of the L’Opera bakery is a poster: ‘Delhi Daredevils Victorious Sweet Delights...happy to share with you our new contest supporting the Delhi Daredevils...’

It’s not a pie throwing contest at the team.

Goes on, ‘Following every Daredevil victory...’

Pull yourself together, man.

‘..L’Opera will offer cakes for the first 10 calls’

I inquire about the contest, “you must have saved a lotta cakes??”

“Yes, only one win so far”, I do not correct him.

Another poster, Your Match is Fixed. 

Ankur at the gym also informs me it’s no use watching, as all games are fixed, and why don’t I write about it? I nod, so here, I’ve written about it.

Back to DD. They’re not so bad, really. Two wins is far more than I expected. Much worse are teams with big names with even bigger expectations.

DD messed up by investing in Ross Taylor yet again, and expecting something from KP. Their problems were at the auctions, starting with Taylor and ending, surprisingly, with KP.

Earlier on the Geek & Wilde podcast, I’d spoken of KP’s IPL. This was before he’d played a game. In my unwritten book, a player whose international career is over, somewhat prematurely and against his will (unlike Michael Hussey) and that too, only recently, will have way too many demons to wrestle. Maybe next season, he’ll score more, maybe next season, he won’t even be there.

In my DD PervView, I wrote about Murali Vijay. It took elimination, for the team to bench the opener.

At the beginning of this season, I’d promised myself not to watch DD or CSK games. There’s way too much joyless familiarity to their outcomes.

I don’t like to call the Daredevils my team, what, they aren’t even their own team anymore; but when they did win those two games, I was reluctantly pleased.

Watching an entire tournament, without a team, in addition to the fixing clouds that continue to rain, isn’t easy. Nor is it elementary. 

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