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If “cricket is a religion” what does that make N Srinivasan?

by Gaurav Sethi

After winning the Best Sports Blog at WIN14, interviewed me, they asked me amongst other stuff -

Q: In India, cricket is a religion. Share your thoughts about this with us.
A: “Religion divides us, cricket brings us together” was something I read and it’s always stayed with me. Now if you say “cricket is a religion” you must also answer what does that make N Srinivasan?

Q: Honestly, tell us how did you react when you realized Sachin is taking retirement from the game?
A: On  February 22nd, 2013, on air, I congratulated Bhajji on his 100th Test and Sachin on his 200th.  I expected Sachin to retire before the South Africa series, at Wankhede, vs. Bangladesh or West Indies or maybe even an Associate playing their first Test.

Still, when Sachin announced his retirement, which was still about a month before the 200th Test, I was numb. It’s like all of us know we’re going to die but suddenly finding out you’re terminally ill. Hollow feeling, like being cheated by life.

They also asked me to share my favourite cartoon, I asked them if I could share three instead? Here's one, again -

click on cartoon to enlarge

The other two cartoons are here with the interview at BlogAdda 

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