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Interview with a vampire bat.

by Gaurav Sethi

Not really, but I had my fangs out when answering questions on cricket and Bored Cricket Crazy Indians (BCC!)

A sampler for starters:

Hello Gaurav, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I was the kid with the bat. I’m still the kid with the bat – the bat, ball, stumps. I’ve always found someone to play cricket with, be it my neighbour, Roop, street urchins, strangers on a beach, the temple park, in a non cricket playing nation, anywhere; I just got to gatecrash a game and bowl or bat those 1-2 balls. And that’s how from a B. Com to becoming a copywriter to setting up my own ad shop, I’m now neck deep in cricket, be it writing, cartooning, tweeting or talking about it, to anyone from a cop off duty to a rickshaw man to chat shows on radio, the internet or TV. Cricket makes me connect with strangers like an accident. Before you know it, you’re intimate.

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