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Aussie media could pull out of the Dharamsala Test if Virat Kohli does not play.

by Gaurav Sethi

The Aussie media has come into its own in the ongoing Test series with India. Mostly questioning Indian captain, Virat Kohli questioning of Australian captain, Steven Smith, looking for answers for a review from the dressing room.

The deep hurt felt at seeing their captain caught with his nickers down, has only made that country’s media more determined to catch the Indian skipper with his nickers down. While Kohli has exposed some skin, mostly his shoulders in a sleeveless, he has refused to take his nickers off in front of the Aussie media.

Not that the Aussies haven’t tried their best. So consumed they have been of their love-hate relationship with Kohli, that cricket updates and scorecards have been substituted with Kohli updates and their unsettled scores with the Indian skipper. One newspaper, in the know of on-field occurrences, stated the final unsettled scores for the series as: Kohli 0.046, Aussie media 1, an underarm jab referring to Kohli’s 46 runs in five innings in the series. Another such newspaper went to the extent of stating that Kohli had picked his nose and then shaken hands with the Aussie media manager. Kohli refuted this claim in a post-match conference, denying that he would stoop so low as to shake hands with the Aussie media manager. As for picking his nose, he said, it was a personal matter and didn’t just like to pick on Aussie cricketers.

Another newspaper likened Virat Kohli to Donald Trump. This led to the unconditional support of the American President for the Indian captain although condemning the Aussie paper as, “Fake news”. He also said he liked Kohli as he liked Hindu.

But now it turns out that Kohli’s shoulder could keep him out of the series; and with that take away a shoulder to pry on for the Aussie media. There are serious doubts whether they will cover the Test at all.

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