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Death by a thousand leaks—the BCCI style

by Viswanathan

Not only does our neighbor practice “death by a thousand cuts” so does the BCCI. Hardly, have the selective leaks on Kumble stopped, leaks on how the BCCI has warned Kohli have begun to appear.

A top BCCI official said that Kohli will have to ensure that the team delivers under him, else, he too would have to face the music. "It has been given to understand that Kohli eventually had the veto power on the coach issue which pushed Kumble out of the team. Now that he has his way, he has to deliver as captain. Otherwise, he had it," the official told TOI.

 In all this leaks and more leaks, it is astounding that our national press have done nothing more than faithfully reproduce them. There is no investigation or even an exclusive.

One can only conclude that having got what it wanted— Kumble’s resignation, the monolith is already working to undermine Kohli so that he does not go high and mighty on them.

All said and done Kohli better watch his back or he too will soon fall prey to their (BCCI’s) machinations.

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