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Clothes hanger man

by Gaurav Sethi

Bearded n braided 
And all kinds of raided 
You are 
Weathered and leathered 
Ankle high grey dusty laceless 
A size too big, you float in them 
It's summer but you wear all you got
Your discarded trench coat that's been in the wars 
Your clock that doesn't tell time 
You are
By the side of the road
Alongside the triangle where the urchins feast with their family 
You float on

You are
Bearded n braided 
And all kinds of raided
You are some kind of 
Clothes' hanger man 

Hanging on you, is an age 
That defies your years
Hanging on you, is a hunger
That defies your appetite 
Hanging on, you're not 
You float on 
In spite of all that hangs on you 
Clothes' hanger man 

When did you last drink a beer? 
Would you like to pose for a photograph 
And what if I took you to Summer House Cafe
Across the road
I know it's Friday, but they won't even be open 
So technically they can't close on you 

We'll just float in together, incognito 
And hang with a beer 

Snap out 

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