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Begin again, Rishabh Pant.

by Gaurav Sethi

Rish, it begins with you. I remember when and how it began but that isn’t important. What is, is that it begins with you. Yesterday, when news trickled in, I feared that it was ending with you. 

There is, a point, some point, where it begins. And it ends. It begins again after that. Or it doesn’t. 

But the point where it threatens to end or you see it end is when the air is sucked out. I sat paralyzed facing the screen fearing the worst. From there, more news, more visuals, more updates, some clarity. 

I’m thankful you are alive. To me, this seems like a good point to thank you for your cricket and the nut that you are. Often I have found your idiosyncrasies even more endearing than your cricket. And that’s downright ridiculous but when you are out there, really out there, doing your thing, strutting your stuff, is when you are playing your best cricket. And yet, sometimes when your cricket is on the wane, you are still doing your stuff. 

Rish, I hope you never forget, that it began with you. 

And that you know what it is, was, and how it began. 

Bless you, stay fucking alive. 

Begin again, my boy.

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