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Out with it.

by Gaurav Sethi

Say it.

Your mama won’t mind.

And your daddy won’t mind.

What is cricket to you?


Soulberry said...

Cricket was the thing I did to skip other stuff and had family sanction when a kid...somewhere along it became an addiction.

Cricket helped me get interested in geography and history and culture of peoples too back I was able to work enough on them to clear my board commitments to those subjects.


Soulberry said...

Good show Gaurav!

straight point said...

its good initiative Gaurav...

cricket: down memory lane i still cant see how i hooked on to it...but it brings out passion in me in a way no other thing can...from playing to discussing it endlessly with friends and still lot remained to be said...

it also helped me professionally too...i learned english thru it...i used to view long discussions and would try to grasp/learn they express/explain cricket etc...eventually i got enough i owe a lot to cricket...

i was very nervous to start my blog...i feared i would become laughing stock coz of my 'mastery' on english language... but homer, OTT and SB encouraged me a lot and i cant thank them enough...

Gaurav Sethi said...

sb and sp! wonderful reading what you guys have just said. With your comments, methinks, we're already on to something. Like i said before, i got a feeling!

Sure, it's still about the cricket, but in a cool selfish way, it's now more about us. And there's no reason that we can't humour ourselves some more.

i'd like 2 add my 2 cents on cricket too(which are Homer's really), but those cracker comments.

cheers beers!

Viswanathan said...


I cannot risk offending my wife. :)

My email id is

Anonymous said...

Starting watching it in my middle school days. At that time, I was perhaps the only one in my class who didn't watch it. After initially remaining numb to the peer pressure, I turned on the TV one auspicious evening just out of curiousity. A World cup was going on at that time. Slowly what was an occasional curiosity became pass time and pass time became an obsession. Though I took occasional breaks from it, it remains an obsession and a form of escape: something that breathes life into life when all else fails to interest.

Btw, nice acronym. :) And good luck with the new blog.

Anonymous said...

And, I forgot to add, it intensified my love for writing. Was a huge fan of Vijay Lokapally.

Trideep said...

NC.. great start..

Cricket: Started as a pass time during childhood days. It was the usual pass time in the evenings after school. Slowly it became passion. It has tought me to compete and fight under pressure..

Keep it up NC.

Gaurav Sethi said...

cricket is me.
not like amir khan is samsung tho.
but in a more obvious way.
the other day i walked past some friends playing cricket.
Animated, they started to yell at me, "AYE! Cricket!?"

Ankit Poddar said...

cricket is what i faked all my headaches, and eye pains, and fevers for (other than watching porn at frnds' place, i don't think you will, but guys don't judge me!), back in my school days

cricket is what made me fight ma close female frnds, for they never understood my passion for it.

cricket is what makes me think, that at a lot of times it is the mental strength that wins over physical strength.

cricket (more so navjot singh sidhu) is what made me for once the most popular guy in the science division of my junior college.

cricket is what makes me across an an intellectual when i get all descriptive about it.

so yeah, cricket is food, clothing and shelter.

Ankit Poddar said...

to avoid any sorta confusion,

ankit is

Gaurav Sethi said...

Latish by IST, and early by JapST -have just read your comments again. makes me feel very good about bcci and what can and should happen with it. cheers to us!