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Finding the lost Trescothick

by Bored Member

By Scorpicity

A couple of days back when boredom hit a new high where even having a cool glass of beer was a boring thought, I decided to watch some English county cricket. I know... I know... If I watch the English County leagues, it is a good sign of depression coming over me. After all, I have time and again maintained that “English county cricket is like Sandra Bullock doing a pole dance and you still won't get it up”.

But what got my attention was this estranged guy...”Marcus Trescothick” playing. I thought he was busy with his new found association of sensitive cricket players (ASCP), strengthened by vice-president, Shaun Tait and groupie, Tim May. But recently Ottayan in his blog, highlighted some excerpts of Marcus explaining to the world on his depression that stopped him from pursuing cricket. So watching him a day after I read that piece on Ottayan's blog, I was surprised to see him play. Curiosity to watch the man who by far could have been a force to reckon with for England got me watch a full match.

40 over match, 330 runs scored... 300 plus runs for the first wicket and Marcus unleashing one of the most brutal innings I have seen. Heck... even the commentator went brutal this, brutal that. The 170 odd runs that he unleashed got me thinking about the man who seem to be a softie ice cream that dissipates at a lick yet is so strong, flowing and majestic on the field with the willow. One wonders what England as a team could have been with Marcus on top, Bell, Collingwood, KP and my most hated English cricketer, Flintoff all in one flow. Nevertheless, it would be cricket's great loss if this player, doesn't ever come out of his depression and get back to where he belongs... not some crappy county team but for the national side.

For more brutal stuff, you could listen to Nile.

BTW, after scoring 330 they lost that game by D/L.



Viswanathan said...

If you spent it watching Tresco it must have been one hell of a brutal day.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Scorpi: as i've said before bollocks to bullock.

i nearly got sucked into this one, but didn't want be a sucker. Surfed past @ 120 odd. this was 40 over revelry, right? dislike 40 more than 50, and that's saying a lot.

Aside: where does Treco shop -

Gaurav Sethi said...

where does tresco shop -

Scorpicity said...

Otts.. it was... by the way did you hear the latest on tresco blowing the whistle on England cheating with ball tampering in that ashes win.

Scorpicity said...

bollocks indeed... you must see the bowling... such beautiful conditions to swing the ball and they all were flat and wide.

Viswanathan said...

It is so 'sweet' of him to reveal it now.

BTW, this revelation is sure to make his book a best-seller.

Gaurav Sethi said...

surfed by a pro 40 again. really irks me, neither 50 nor 20, and that too without rain. refuse to watch.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I meant to watch Tresco that day, but was having a crazy weekend. Meanwhile, even without the "blowing the whistle" I would buy the book. I'd wanted to hear about the depression that he was going thru. And you're right, he doesn't belong in the county. He should gather himself up and play for England.