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Add 0.55 to turn the English language on its head

by Gaurav Sethi

Excerpts from today’s Times of India

Saurav Ganguly:

“Did reasonably well in the IPL scoring 349 runs in 13 games at an average of 29.08”

Rahul Dravid:
“His IPL campaign was disastrous: 371 runs in 14 games at 28.53”

That’s a difference of 0.55 between the averages of the two players.

By the way, TOI did not put the above words in italics. They could’ve used a red marker, if not a fluorescent one.


Ankit Poddar said...

some good observation there sir, i had read that article as well, and i didn't pay that much attention.

there was more in a similar or probably the same article..

the article said, that while the rest of Fab-4 couldn't play mendis, ganguly was at ease against them... somebody, tell them, my dear fellas, number of runs scored is what matters is the end..

Anil Singh said...

"Lies, damn lies and statistics". :)

straight point said...

since i have started blogging...i don't even look at the sports articles of newspapers...

we get far more credible and worthy opinions on blogsphere than media can ever imagine...

what media trying to do is stuff their opinions in our head...they think we are fools?

Anil Singh said...

Very correct SP

Viswanathan said...


You have highlighted the slant in their language.:)

Q said...

Thanks for guiding me here NC! U've got the whole Indian blogging mafia here! Good job guys..

Viswanathan said...

Blogging mafia?

This calls for an explanation. Game anyone?

Q said...

Mafia = Group of people who control their workspace.

A workspace could be anything - the economy, the neighborhood, a cricket team, a bank, an office, etc.

If u talk about the Indian blogging community, who is the mafia?

NC, Ott, SB, SP, etc etc etc..

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is ridiculousness at its best. Trust TOI for something like this. That said, I'm with SP in that the blogging community is a far more credible source. Some of the match reviews you read nowadays, makes you wonder if the writer even watched the match.

Homer said...

On India's last tour Down Under, Rahul Dravid scored 237 runs in the 4 Tests.

Saurav Ganguly scored 235.

Infer what you want from that, but the numbers put to rest the canard that Rahul Dravid has played the Australians better ..


Gaurav Sethi said...

Homer - those numbers would be for a resurgent saurav vs a dravid in decline, right?

often felt with saurav, even when on song, he rarely scores big - more a 50s, 60s man, like the Gambhir of old. Or a player content with half measures. Maybe it was all too easy for him. To give him credit, he does what comes naturally to him - and in the last two years there was incredible clarity to his batting.

He should've bowled more.

Gaurav Sethi said...

ankit - there was also a toi article that had saurav's pr firm rambling about his brand value. dismal stuff.

sp, vm, ab - the press hooks up with pr firms all the time - the main paper is no diff from the delhi times.

Ott - slant indeed

Gaurav Sethi said...

Good to see you here, signor Q

Anonymous said...

Gaurav, you make a very valid point on Sourav's contentment with half measures and that the comparisons between them, of late, aren't clearly reflective of their contributions throughout. After the 99-01 phase, he didn't get too many centuries. Dravid on the other hand always seemed to have wanted more. Somehow, one got celebrated and the other never did.

Soulberry said...

Wasn't it the other way around?