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A journey from the first Wednesday to this one

by Bored Member

by A Bisht

Right from its infancy to its toddler days, I’ve observed this new child: Bored Cricket Crazy Indians (BCCI).

During BCCI's first few weeks I saw a curious link at Straight Point's (SP) blog, it was and still titled Cricket Ka blogbuster. Out of sheer curiosity, each time I visited SP's space I clicked the link—and was sent to a blog which featured only one post by Naked Cricket.

The title of the blog (along with the blogbuster prophesy), surely would've grabbed a few glances in those early days.

I kept reading SP's blog, and one day he wrote a post for this prodigy —"introducing...BCCI: Cricket ka Blogbuster!!"

The picture in this post was a complete mismatch to its title and content. In addition the post for the first time told readers about the concept of BCCI, and to look out for some really exciting stuff.

Initially I thought it was an exercise in over-confidence (summed up as—whatever I write will make for a good read); but later I realized that it was not so; people behind the blog had consciously chosen for a mismatch.

From that day, new posts appeared on BCCI daily (well, nearly). The members churned out stuff on almost anything; from VM's Stick cricket…to Ottayan' s toss away the toss…to Scorpicity’s match fixing in book cricket; one post by Ankit Poddar seemed the maverick(est) of all - it asked readers to disclose their junior or senior status (no wonder most readers hid behind the 5th amendment; seeing what a senior tag can do to one's career they've learnt well).

I suspect one primary reason behind such anarchy at BCCI… the very title of the blog has given writers enough rope to author just about anything. Whether the write-ups are good or bad is another thing; but one thing is certain… at BCCI they need not bother which ball face they are shinning…it’s simple…they can shine the ball on both faces.

That apart, BCCI appears to be an addictive experience for most writers. From the time they started writing for BCCI they seem to be hanging out there 24X7. Members are enjoying their newly found brat status; so too the readers.

Allow me to introduce another analogy – by comparing a blog with a home in which a blogger lives; I have no doubt that the love for this new den (BCCI!) is motivating bloggers to ignore their old homes. Take SP’s example, he reached his old home only yesterday (after more than two weeks away); check out his blog if you don’t believe me!

For other members, it's no different.

But Blogging unlike common perception is a serious business; much effort goes into each post. So how can such a casual manner from the members go along with serious blogging demands?

Whether they are partying all day is for you to decide.

A couplet from Mirza Ghalib will be more apt.

It goes like this:

KahaaN maiKhaane ka daravaazaa 'Ghalib' aur kahaaN vaaiz
par itanaa jaanate hain kal vo jaataa thaa ke ham nikale

[The preacher and the bar's entrance are way apart
yet I saw him entering the bar as I was leaving!]

This means BCCI unlike the common perception is indeed a serious business! But I'm not manipulating your decision, decide for yourself. Or better still, as always, let BCCI.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. You are writing is as good as your cartoons.

Ankit Poddar said...


and yeah all of us are hooked on to BCCI...

and yeah, welcome to the hook!!

straight point said...

welcome on board AB!!

looking forward to more 'BCCI' posts from you... :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Very intuitive AB!

Like the bit about the anarchy. Let that be known as AB's chaos theory.

Enjoyed yr initial take on things and that ball shining bit! Gotta say, you're quite a Ghazal-er! cheers to that.

Gaurav Sethi said...

SP - isn't the expression welcome on Bored?

straight point said...

i got carried away gaurav!! don't forgive me for that...

Anil Singh said...

Thank you Ottayan, ankit,SP and NC for your kind words. :)

Anonymous said...

Very warm welcome (and late from my side) AB. You do write very well and must write more. Cheers!

Anil Singh said...

Thanks VM, better late than never :)
Regarding writing skills If I praise your writing skills now; it'll be tantamount to being in CAG; Common Admiration Grroup :)