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Fastest off spinner, straight from his mouth this time…

by Bored Member

by Raja Baradwaj

But former coach Madan Lal termed it as a backward move and said the place could have gone to Yuvraj Singh.

"I think it is a backward step. Not that he's a bad player but everyone has a time and many new players are waiting for their chance. But this selection committee has taken this stance," Madan said.

Asked if it indicated that the stage was being set for his formal exit, Madan Lal said "you make a team to win matches and not for planning people's farewell".

Madan felt instead Yuvraj could have been drafted into the team. "Yuvraj would have been the best candidate in his place".

Source: NDTV

I hope and pray Madan Lal doesn't have Alzheimer's or something. Even my 3 year old would loudly proclaim that Mr Yuvraj Singh is not cut out for test cricket, that is what the numbers and his present form say.

The only other explanation one could think of is, may be Madan Lal has very astutely figured that Yuvraj, considering his attitude and cricketing abilities is probably in the last leg of his India career. And therefore his next stop would be ICL, the place where Madan Lal belongs to now. Yet another recruitment through him (may be he gets a commission per recruitment!!)…

Whatever it is… one should acknowledge the fact that while Madan Lal might age, his deceptive, fastish offspinners never. They have not even slowed a yard.


Gaurav Sethi said...

Been a while, Madan must meet Richards soon.

Soulberry said...

Entirely possible. That recruitment in the foreseeable future. However I doubt if Yuvraj is the kind to linger on in that grade of cricket. If he had that kind of desire, he'd have made the efforts needed to cement his place in the team by now.

But I'll ask Madan Lal about it over the weekend :)

Viswanathan said...

You are talking about Madan(m) Lal?

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Fastest off spinner :-) ha ha ha ..been a few in our team down the years ! what made madan lal unique was the furious speed of his run up - as a result , he used to reach the batsman end on his follow up before his ball did LOL :-)

Prabhu.S said...

Stop watching TV channels:)

Yuvraj will serve India well in the Test Matches in the future