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Why is BCCI's way of functioning so obscene?

by Bored Member

by A Bisht

Why's it that every time BCCI makes a major announcement or takes an important decision it's stoned and ridiculed? Or in other words why does BCCI attract so much malice?

Take for instance, the issue of foreign Boards demanding a share of the IPL trove. Their plea being, it's their stars and players who are making the format popular. England has been contracting foreign players from time immemorial to play in its domestic circuit. Is it sharing its money with the participating players' respective boards? Struggling Boards like Cricket Sri Lanka who don’t even have enough money to pay their contracted players are feigning loss of revenue to IPL. Countries from where retired and non-performing players formed the bulk of incoming players are complaining of serious cricket-drain.

And the simple question is why?

Another example -

It's not the BCCI which initiated the system of phasing out senior players. In recent past it's Cricket Australia which set the tone. Other boards including India only embarked on this path created by CA.

But when BCCI made its intent clear of phasing out the seniors by unceremoniously dropping Ganguly; it's CA which shouted most loudly.

If players like Steve Waugh and Glenn McGrath were not so indispensable for Australian Cricket; why will Ganguly or for that matter Dravid, VVS or even Tendulkar be so indispensable for India?

But it's not only the other boards who questioned this move; Indian media till yesterday was clutching at the BCCI's throat.

Again the question is…why?

And finally some talk about selections.

In any form of sport team selections is one of the most controversial decisions. No amount of transparency and good intentions can make all sections happy. Still all over the world there are sports bodies that get away with this with minimum controversy and nuisance. But not BCCI; no matter how professionally they do the selections they are blamed, abused and trashed.

And the only question is why?

No doubt, BCCI left no stone unturned to make IPL an overwhelming success. T20 tournaments had been organized even before IPL; but it's the astuteness of the BCCI which made the tournament distinct and special. All said; the brilliance of BCCI ends there.

After that IPL proved to be vulgar display of money and power. The celebrity team owners were unleashed to do what they pleased – Shahrukh Khan jumped more than the cheerleaders, he sat at the players’ dugout; Priety Zinta embraced and kissed all and spared none. A nation like India which believes that the whole world is one big family was blamed for being a racist when Mohali team owners were blamed for barring a non-white cheer leader to be a part of the cheer leading group. The same team owners blamed the police of stealing their liquor and T-shirts. On the ground, Harbhajan Singh slapped Sreesanth as a post match greeting; Farukh Engineer found the greeting too novel; banned him for the rest of the IPL; but only after Bhajji held hands with Sree, Farrukh and Modi for the curious Media; the gesture in particular appeared as if the trio were celebrating Harbhajan Singh's felicitation.

All this happened when Modi, the IPL chairman, stared at wrong places.

No wonder the whole world perceived IPL as a money spinner and alerted their antennas.

Phasing out aged players makes way for younger lot; it also helps to maintain team dynamics. Many countries have successfully shown the door to their legends. But again the BCCI chose to phase out its seniors in an arbitrary manner. Different standards were adopted for different players. Players with ditto performance were treated differently.

In short, some are ignored shamelessly; while others are defended shamelessly.

Coming to selections; no selection can appease all. No amount of caution can deter the backlash. But leaking the important emails and decisions to media and having dozens of official spokespersons definitely increases the intensity of this backlash.

Before concluding, why BCCI can't address the media at a designated place; why Niranjan Shah or some other Board person makes important announcements in corridors, lobbies and porches?

And why can't a person who turns up well; and speaks well address the media in a conference room rather than Niranjan Shah shouldering this responsibility wearing tacky big collared flower motif majorly unbuttoned shirt…

Has it anything to do with BCCI's way of functioning?

Is BCCI's way of functioning obscene?

To an extent it seems it is. Is it?


Soulberry said...

Let me put it this way AB, one doesn't think twice before bargaining (and with pride) with the footpath-shopkeeper at Janpath for a rupee or two worth of consideration...just to feel that we shopped. Now let me transpose one to the environs of what... say Shopper's Stop or whatever like...I don't find the same enthusiasm inside me to haggle over a bottle of after shave there.

India is still the patriwalla...albeit gradually metamorphosizing into a pautri-wallah. The patriwalla probably has a Toyota Corolla parked in the underground Palika parking while the Maruti 800 bargaining families think they have his b_ _ _s through their bargaining.(By the way, I'm a 800 regular - best car for Delhi)

Viswanathan said...


"Priety Zinta embraced and kissed all and spared none"

This is factually wrong.

I was one of the fortunate few who was spared.:)

Anil Singh said...

@ Soulberry

Well said !

Anil Singh said...

@ Ottayan

Yes -- You are right !!!

The statement is factually wrong; even I was spare: It's other thing that I think myself to be unfortunate for not being embraced :)

straight point said...

not only you and me...opposition players were also this unkind ignorance from priety...

A Bisht said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
straight point said...

some analogy SB!!

i guarantee you that second season of IPL and champion league gonna change the perception...

they will not only acknowledge our money power but will finally come to terms with BCCI being the super power...

Anil Singh said...

@ SP

But she seemed very democratic in her hugs and kisses :)

It's other thing that not all are fortunate like the chosen ones :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

AB - that is one outrageous toon!! followed by an equally outrageous write. You sure are in "Random Rambling" mode! ;)

Anil Singh said...

@ NC

You found it outrageous, Let that be.
I actually wrote it to rattle a few.:)