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Happy Diwali Eve & Adam, er Gilchrist.

by Gaurav Sethi

The only reason Gilchrist's name's in the headline is, that he's headline material again.

Happy Diwali has always been headline material. As has cricket.

Because it's a material world. And Gilli is a material girl.


On that note, Happy Diwali Eve to the other BCCI.

Off topic, Happy Diwali Eve to BCC! Bored Members.

You know who you are. Please wish yourself.

We prefer not to get too personal here. Right, Gilli?


Q said...

Happy Diwali Bored Members!

Trideep said...

Happy Diwali to Everyone

sraghuna said...

Happy Diwali guys ... & it's a material world where Gilly is the 'Danda'less material girl! Cultural differences prompt me to refrain from shaking Gilly's hand while urging me to take him by the scruff of the neck & shaking some honesty out of him!

Soulberry said...

My greetings to you all

Anil Singh said...

Happy Diwali to Bored members and Bored readers :)