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Lick Your Lips!

by Bored Member

By Q

Anil Kumble seems to be fit and back for the 3rd test against Australia.

How could he not. The match after all is being played at the Kotla!

So out goes star-debutant-and-hope-for-the-future-of-leg spinners Amit Mishra and in comes skipper Anil Kumble.

Atleast that is what I heard on the news last night.

Now though, I am hearing that Harbajhan Singh might be injured. Something wrong with the toe?

So that means that Mishra might end up playing because it certainly does not make sense to go in with 3 seamers and Kumble.

Thats like 4 seamers on a Kotla wicket!

So Kumble and Mishra?

What is the likelihood?

Two legspinners?

Bring it on I say! I'm already licking my lips at the prospect of watching that.

I'm sure Kumble & Mishra will be as well once they get a sight of the Kotla pitch.

If both of them play, India win the series I say!


Anil Singh said...

As health is the sole monopoly of a doctor, and there're not enough doctors around; injuries do happen on pretext or another.

Ya in all likelihood India will win the Kotla test. Here Kumble goes for the kill!

Gaurav Sethi said...

I'm good with any fully fit four bowlers.

Recall Shoiab from last year at the Kotla, bowling those 3 over specials. And they were special, but way too little.

Wonder whether Bhajji shot himself in the foot ;)

Soulberry said...

Something's brewing - the power zone's shifting to the center.

Gaurav Sethi said...

sure is sb, sure is. well put. that's one moody picture - so much body language there.

Q said...

SB I don't think there's any doubt about that. There's sthing abt Dhoni. But I would really like to see him perform now as a player.

Trideep said...

BHajji unfit?? I really smell something fishy here.. may be he Mishra is being accomodated??

Bored Member said...

Mishra has been accomodated I think!