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Pakistani Member of the BCCI

by Bored Member

by Q

During the 90s I used to dream about an Indo-Pak XI. India used to have the batsmen, while we in Pakistan had the bowlers. A combined team would have been world beaters I thought.

It happened once when a combined India-Pakistan team travelled to Sri Lanka to play a game in Colombo just before the 1996 World Cup to show the world that Sri Lanka was safe to tour.

These days its India and Sri Lanka touring Pakistan to show the world that its safe to tour there.

It didn't work in 1996 nor does it these days.

But that hasn't stopped the Asians from backing each other.

Today a Pakistani was invited by an Indian to become a "Bored" member of a "Bored" that is primarily comprised of Indians.

So here it is "Bored" Members and Commentators - the BCCI & a Paki!

I'm honored to be chosen as a "Bored" member. Thank you BCCI

In view of this I would like to ask - if you Indians had the option to include 1 Pakistani cricketer (from the current team / players) in India's XI, who would it be? and why?


Gaurav Sethi said...

At the risk of repeating myself, gotta say, we're now Bored beyond Boundaries.

Welcome Qji. That was a very moving piece.

And it has prompted me to move Misbah to the Indian team.

What reasons? One, I can't think of another Pakistani of the present lot I'd like here. Second, after the first, do you need a second?

Really, I can't even hold his MBA against him.

straight point said...

welcome to the indian mafia BCC! Q...

nice post...i think it will be very hard to find a cricket fan in india as well as pak who have never fantasized the india-pak team...

i would included asif sans wallet... ;-)

imagine bowling attack of zak, ishant, asif, munaf bowling along with bhajji/mishra...

Viswanathan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Viswanathan said...

Welcome Q.

To answer your question, there is not one player in the current lot I would love to see in the Indian team.

If you give me a wider choice, I would go for Asif Iqbal /Imran Khan.

Between them my first choice is Asif Iqbal.

I consider his man management skills superior to Mike Brearly.

John said...

I'd love to see Younus Khan when the Test team plays in the subcontinent. Misbah in the ODI team if Dhoni is ever unfit.

RajaB said...

Welcome Qji... I can't repeat NC and say we're Bored beyond Boundaries... Because, I presume we happen to be in the same geographies...

I would second NC in moving Misbah for 2 reasons...

1. He seems a REAL talent (I stress on that REAL, thanks DADA for your interview to that Bengali media !!)

2. He seems like he could be a good captain, we need a REAL one right now and not lucky charms !!

Welcome on Bored !!

Anonymous said...

You agree Q that being a member of BCC! you are a party to the shenangians of BCCI....

And then there is no going back!!!

Ankit Poddar said...


kya yaar? pakistani par itna stress kyun?

Bored par stress karo!!

on a more serious note!! Welcome brother!!

and yeah!! none of the present players, and to repeat Ott, i will have to broaden the horizons!!

i would then include Wasim Akram!!

and yeah, to repeat SP, who of us from the two countries hasn't dreamt of an Indo-Pak XI!!

Soulberry said...

Q man, I'd dream of times a little earlier -

Sunny and Majid, a young Javed coming in next, with Vishy and Asif Iqbal taking the middle order, Bari/Kirmani keeping wickets and Imran, Sarfraz and a young Kapil forming the three-pronged pace attack, and finally a choice of spinners to spoil the choosiest of all!

You might say that team would pretty much have conquered all....including the rampant WIs and Ozzies of that time.

Soulberry said...

I thought I typed Zed's name...Zaheer Abbas is a must of course.

Soulberry said...

By the way, I challenge people here to throw up a better selection - of course you have something to work with - Wasim, Waqar, Saqi, Mushy, Kumble, Harbhajan, Akhtar...and all the batsmen to play with...but barring the bowling, none compare to the team I put up. :)

John said...

Can't leave Inzi out, Soul.

sraghuna said...

Hey Q ... welcome to the cabal of Boredness buddy... boredom sans frontiers!!! Btw yeh pehle 'Q' nahin hua ...!
'You may say that we're dreamers
But we're not the only ones
I hope someday our teams would join up
And the rest of the world would shudder as one!'

Gaurav Sethi said...

Wah! Wah! Sraguna!

Q said...

Great choice NC. Maybe he'll start winning matches after the move!

And thank you for encouraging words.

Q said...

Thats quite a bowling line up SP!

Hopefully the BCCI will be able to keep dope out of his wallet as well as his blood ;-)

Q said...

Thank you OTT!

Dont blame you really but seriously someone must be within a shot.

Good choice in Asif though. But over Imran Khan? Really?

Q said...

Perfect choices John. Misbah seems to be the favorite right now.

Q said...

Thank you Rajab. Glad to be part of the team.

Misbah it is man and u've gone a step ahead of NC and john and nominated him to captain. Hope he gets to do that for Pakistan at least.

Q said...

Haven't come here to go back Buzzz ;-)

Q said...

Ankit I think all of India wanted Wasim bhai on their side. Him and Waqar always led the bowling in my dream Indo-Pak XI! And ur right no one wouldn't have dreamt of such a team.

Q said...

and Ankit ur right - am a BORED member now!

Q said...

Sraghuna I'd be one of the most delighted people if that ever happens!

And I like ur anecdote abt yeh pehle Q nahin hua! ;-)

Q said...

SB and John thats one healthy debate u guys have started. I was a dreamer in the 90s and SB u have gone 1 era back I think though I did want some players from back then as well.

My dream Indo-Pak ODI XI during the 90s used to be Sachin, Saeed Anwar, Ganguly, Azharuddin, Inzamam, Imran Khan, Rashid Latif, Kapil Dev, Wasim Akram, Saqlain Mushtaq, Waqar Younis.

If I think of a test XI sans eras now I would say:

Saeed Anwar
Sunil Gavaskar
Rahul Dravid
Sachin Tendulkar
Javed Miandad
Inzamam Ul Haq
Rashid Latif
Kapil Dev
Wasim Akram
Anil Kumble
Waqar Younis

Gaurav Sethi said...

confess, was tempted to have misbah as captain of this joint venture.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to this side, Q!

A good question you've asked. I must say I read the parenthetical text with some disappointment - having to chose one from this Pak team. But, the first person who came to mind with hardly any thought was Misbah . I love his attitude - there seems to be an earnestness about him which is any day a benefit.

If I could include folks from the 90s - a dreamy period in Pak cricket as I have seen it - I'd have to pick a whole slew of them. I always admired Wasim Akram - for his bowling and captaincy. Somehow he always seemed a better captain (on field bickering aside). Then I could go on - Waqar, Saqlain, Anwar, Inzy and Shoaib. I must add that I'd always been a bit jealous that Pak had a Gilchrist-like wicketkeeper batsman in Moin Khan.

Anonymous said...

How about Shoaib Akhtar?
He would fit in without much fuss:)

Q said...

Thank you VM.

Certainly Misbah seems to be the favorite these days. As for the 90s, we hope Pak cricket can go back to being as it was back then.

NC - all of us in Pakistan are tempted to have him captain the side!

Q said...

Haha, well said Wasim.