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How Taylor did it

by Gaurav Sethi

Jamie How & Ross Taylor partnered each other through Oram-less times. Their 125 run p'ship along with Oram’s 3 of 6, pushed the Kiwis to a winning 249. Unless Ashraful scores 200 and Bangladesh chips in with the remaining 50 odd. That would be very odd indeed.


Viswanathan said...

Extremely odd.

Ashraful may recruit them for ICL.

Gaurav Sethi said...

that'll be a shame. but then it's a shame watching him go down like this.

Anonymous said...

Which channel does this match come... I am stuck with watching the ICL and the quality of cricket this time is complete complete crap.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Assure you scorpi, this is less painful on cricinfo.

ICL is bad beyond words. More than the cricket, it's how they push it as the Robin Hood of poor cricketers. Always watch with a barf bag.