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The Post Tea Session Post

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

A little late for this, when all good cricketers are in bed, but then, this is not for them. Their timings are not like ours.

They break for tea when we break bread. And they have hourly drinks breaks, while we… never mind.

The post tea session saw two blondes have a ball.

The sun wasn’t out, but sure looked like the girls were. Clarke & White (no whiskey brand) were slow yet never teased. Not real blondes were they?

Suffice to say, it was a boring session, one that should be showcased at BCC! Used as our case study even.

In the end, VVS & SCG made more comebacks in this innings than they have in their career. Anyone else, say an Amit Mishra, more adept at sitting out, would have refused to comeback so many times.

While they walked in for the last time, SCG raised his bat. But his heart wasn’t in it. Or maybe it was his forearm that wasn’t in it.

Looked like he had just scored a highly unsatisfactory Gaekwadlike double.

Meanwhile, VVS half heartedly bat clapped. Clearly he was thinking about Afridi.

The game ended in a draw. Not tame, nor wild but somewhat domesticated.

Zaheer Khan was MoM. Appears Aussie batting and bowling skills are on the wane. Not to take anything away from Zaks.

He is by far India’s best appealer. And should always bowl from the Rauf end. End of post.


Anonymous said...

Well said, NC. The Aussies are on the wane too. Bowl from the Rauf end! :) Good one.

I wondering if this result had anything to do with the Chappell jinx? :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

can't rule out the chappell effect on sachin and saurav. just his presence would've opened some old wounds.

RajaB said...

Well White & Mcgain would have been a hit liquor brand !!

Poor thing, (Injury) White washed (Mc)gain even before the start of the series !!