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Return of The Mendis at Maple Leaf

by Gaurav Sethi

When does a spinner bowl the last over in a T20 game? When his name is BAW Mendis. And of course, for a silly side-effect like “go in with the momentum” which the articulate DPMD Jayawardene will no doubt tell us in his winsome way, that very often loses some.

Now, even though Mendis scalped 3 Pakistanis, a minor setback: H.E’s T20 career economy rate, on account of a four hit by Kamran, galloped to 5. Nay!


Q said...

11 wickets in 3 T20 games is SOMETHING!!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Totally Q.
Did you watch the game y'day, Pak blewitt?

Q said...

I reckon they were unlucky NC.

132 was a good score on the Canadian wickets. Thats what teams had scored throughout the tournament.

Shoaib and Gul were atrocious in the beginning but Malik and Afridi pulled it back brilliantly. We should have won it from there but 3 edged boundaries in 1 shoaib over and a plumb LBW that was turned down sealed the game for Lanka.


We played well.

Gaurav Sethi said...

When the Sanaths go marching in!
Sure got stuck into Shoaib early.

That last Shoiab over, what did he bowl, clearly not fit, is he?

Guess it was a tossup between Gul and him, and Malik was playing for the cameras there. Always believe, whether it's a test or a T20, Shoiab is only good (bad?) for 3 overs.

But your blue eyed boy sure put in a good few overs at the end.

And Misbah tried the reverse against Mendis. Btw was there any telecast?

Q said...

I watched it on ARY here in Dubai.. same channel was showing it in Pak. Not sure abt India.

Misbah tried a lot against Mendis. Even swept his 1st ball to him for 4!

Shoaib's 2nd over to Sanath was shocking. He should have pitched it up after hitting him on the helmet but kept feeding him short balls and kept going for 6.

His 3rd over which went for 17 was just unlucky.. he was very fit NC - bowling at high 140s and all the batsmen could do was edge him to 3rd man and fine leg boundary.

He should have been smarter and bowled slower balls..

He's fitter than he has been in recent times.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Bet the ground was kiddie sized, and anything Sanath pulled went for 6.

A fit Shoiab, that's news. but good, warped news nonetheless.
think at Shoiab's pace and short lengths, a third man's a good idea. Maybe even a fine leg.

Btw no telecast here.

Q said...

The 3rd man and fine leg were there - the ball just soared over their heads!

Shoaib is fit.. yeah it surprised all of us too. He's looking fitter than he has recently. And he's bowling in high 140s, low 150s so the pace is still there, not sure abt the steroids though.

Gaurav Sethi said...

those were the sanath 6s then?
what about the edges in his last over? Or did Malik have the third man square for a meal?

Reckon the fit Shoiab will last long? No tests sure stretched his career. T20 at least.

Q said...

Sanaths 2 6s were over fine leg - pulls of fast short balls aimed at the body. Not good bowling.

The 3 edges in his 3rd and the innings 16th over were to third man of full deliveries - too fast for Akmal and a fine 3rd man.

I dont think Shoaib should play test cricket cos as u said he doesn't last for more than a 4 over spell. If he can remain our of trouble then I think he can play ODIs and T20 for another 2 years.

Trouble meaning doping related, problems with team mates, problems with authorities, etc.

Another injury though and its probably over.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Yeah right, Q. Another injury and it probably was over a long, long time ago!

Think he'll play till SRT plays. Or till SRK plays. with him.

Q said...

No NC, the last 2 years haven't been lost to injury - they've been lost to doping, bat hitting incidents, hitting out at PCB.

He's remained injury free for this time but has just been at the wrong end of a lot of things.

As for SRK - yeah he'll stay on in the IPL forever. If not as a player then as a mascot in the future ;-)

He might even do a mvie for SRK at some point.

As for SRT - 2009 and he calls it quit i think.

Gaurav Sethi said...

in that case there will be a 2009 WC. And India will have to win it.

Old buddy Kambli blurted that Sachin will play in the next WC.

As for Shoiab, like to think of him as an accident, and all his various afflictions as injuries.

Q said...

Well yeh maybe ur right. Sachin till 2011.

As for Shoaib, thats an unfair stance NC.

He sat out for a year cos he tested positive for some substance.

Then he sat out 6 months cos he hit his team mate with a bat.

Then he sat out another 6 months cos he said the domestic structure in Pakistan was not good enough.

He wasn't injured.

Gaurav Sethi said...

In that case Q, I will take a new stance. Leg...

Q said...

Thats 1 Leg sir!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Cheers Q!
Could you pls write to me at
like to speak to you re BCC!

Anonymous said...

Missed this series completely... yeah for the moment, we thought the world has forgotten Mendis.