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Saurav says Tata

by Bored Member

- by Bhaskar Khaund

No, no retirement shockers here.

The reference is to Saurav Ganguly’s letter to Ratan Tata asking Mr. Tata not to pull out from the Singur project. Dada gets into things like employment generation and the industrial prospects of Bengal.

Aha! What have we here?

The making of a future neta? A shift of political arenas from Eden Gardens to Writers Building? A statement about stature, a reminder he is no Rs.1-Lac Nano? Is he being an Ambassador for Buddhadeb babu? In return for?

You can’t ignore Saurav Ganguly. Not with that kind of mileage. Not when everything concerning Saurav is free fuel for all. Yeah, including this post.

Tata for now.


Ankit said...


Viswanathan said...

CNN-IBN is running a sms poll on who is the most popular Bengali.

Among the worthies Saurav ranks the second. So obviously his words carry weight atleast among Bengalis.

BTW, the most popular is Rani Mukherjee. Wonder why she has not written a letter to TATA as yet?

straight point said...

he is looking for future post of cwb president...and then will take revenge for all misdeed inflicted upon him....whoohaaa

Gaurav Sethi said...

it's in saurav's best interests to be dropped. for only then can he return like a Jedi.

looks like one great set-up, no matter what. everything's a pr push. guy's got the media under his thumb.