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A word of caution!

by Bored Member

by Raja Baradwaj

Amit Mishra took a fiver in his very first innings of test cricket bowling. Let us first congratulate this talented young man. And now a word of caution for him, Indian test cricket history (to some extent even the world test cricket history) has it that any legspin bowler who has been extraordinarily efficient in his first 3 tests has never been successful there after.

What we see below is a table that shows the first 3 test stats of the 5 leading legspin exponents India has produced till date.

Source: Cricinfo

Significant take outs from the table

1. Lower the number of wickets in the first 3 matches, the higher the number of tests played
2. More the number of overs in the first three matches, the more the wickets
3. The better the strike rate, the sooner your career ended
4. The brighter the first three matches, the dimmer your career stats

An example away would be a small time leggie called Shane Warne. Do you remember how a person called Ravi Shastri and Sachin Tendulkar murdered him? The Aussie press I believe was filled with obituary for this young cricketer, the rest as they say is history.

Amit Mishra, what kind of a leggie are you?


Gaurav Sethi said...

strange, but I've been thinking more about Hirwani than i have in a very long time. All in connection with Amit Mishra.

Those 8+8 wkts. weird how some stuff stays with you. and surfaces at times like this.

Mishra tho, I believe, and i hope like hell he does, rock this test and indian cricket. Hurry boy, it's waiting there for you!

RajaB said...

NC on another note...

Well the big fan of Dhoni I am (Am I??) I tried crunching some numbers of a person called Lee Germon (remember??!! Glenn Turner's blue eyed boy!!) and Adam Hollioake

The sensationalist I am, I wasn't quite satisfied with the things the numbers said when it comes to batting.

But captaincy, I am sure there is some correlation. Though, I didn't proceed with this story further, I concluded to myself that if Dhoni doesn't buckle up and play sensibly in test cricket (in away tests too) then he might end up being a Lee Germon or Adam Hollioake...

Talismanic captains they were. But their promises were unkept.

Q said...

Amit Mishra has a lifetime ahead filled with playing cricket for India.

As for Dhoni.. its criminal to compare him to Germon and Hollioake! Those 2 did not have a quarter of the talent this Dhoni possesses as a batsman. Nor did they have even half the skills of a captain that Dhoni personifies.

No comparison Rajab mian. Kia baat kar rahe hain aap?

As for Hirwani? Why didn't he play more?

RajaB said...

Let Amit have a lifetime filled with cricket... I wouldn't ask Q Bhai!!

It was only supposed to be a word of caution... The numbers say so.

As far as Dhoni goes... I appreciate where you are coming from but I still think he is a right place, right time guy... And I don't think he can be a test cricketer long term.

My respect for him was lost the moment he took a "commercial" break when India was touring SL.

I am strongly of the opinion that he did it to give Mendis a miss...

Hirwani didn't play more because he simply didn't have it in him... he took another 30+ wickets in the 14 more tests he played.