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The world according to Warne

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

Hussey @ 3

Watson up the order

Ponting down the order

Everyone in a floating position

Make Hayden take on Mishra – even if it means H not opening

We can lose Mohali yet win the Series -

So, what can we gain in the 4th and 5th Day?

We can still win it


straight point said...

hmmm...good one...

i would definitely ask haydo to come down...and may be watson to open with katich...

Gaurav Sethi said...

yes more so now, when we can say Warne told you so.

Q said...

Where did Warne say this? Am I missing something?

So your saying:



Looks kinda odd...

Anonymous said...

Hussey at #3 would be good for Australia and dangerous for India. Ponting has a problem everywhere - at top, its Ishant, middle/lower-middle Bhajji. Watson doesn't deserve a place in the Test side. He should go back play some more ODIs and work on his technique if he wants to get anywhere near the quality of a Test batsman. Hayden should open, that's where he's best and will do most damage.

Gaurav Sethi said...

q - read "world acc to warne" as a fresh think.

This game Oz had barely any gains.

We didn’t even have a Hayden vs. Mishra showdown, which is akin to Sehwag not playing Mendis.

Hayden looked like a guy who either wanted to get out or hit out and get outta trouble. Think Hayden’s their biggest player (esp. vs. India, in India, against spin) and they lose far too much, once he’s lost.

Frankly, no matter who opened, Hayden should have got a shot at Mishra. They should have ensured that much. The batting order is a tough one, really. It doesn’t fall into place once you tinker with Hayden. But the way it is, they go into the next test with far too many unresolved issues.

Gaurav Sethi said...

VM - afraid Hayden is doing max damage to himself and Australia right now. they depend far too much on him and punter, without these aces coming off, oz looks flat. boy, do they miss the third ace, symonds.

guess they gotta live with watson for now.