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The world according to Greg Chappell

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

When did the Aussies gate crash India – some four seasons before the first test, right?

What good did it do them? They drew the first one, and then withdrew from the second.

Thank you Greg Chappell sir.

Chappell feels the Aussies peaked much too early, like in the nets.

Soon after taking leave of his senses, he left the subcontinent.

Some scribes took offence at him showing his finger from the airplane window.

Gilchrist has called it "cultural differences”.

Back home, Chappell has formed a “Group”. He calls it Down Under Arm.


Soulberry said...

Get a deo, quick!

Would vos amo ut Axe sub?

Gaurav Sethi said...


sraghuna said...

This could also read as The world according to Garch(with apologies to John Irving)! The 'L'aussies suffer from prematurely ejaculating on just about any occasion ... hence Garch's finger whereas us culturally different types would have used the organ more appropriate for the occasion. I also feel that Garch had bid adieu to his senses way before his arrival in these parts!