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Katich & Kaif

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

A law firm yes, a cricket firm, no way.

Research reveals cricinfo’s profile picture of Katich is very unKatichlike. Simon is smiling. It resembles a grimace, but it’s more of a smile. Almost scary, but then we know how benign Simon really is. Wonder why he dropped this smile? Just can’t katich.

Then there’s Kaif. He’s got his voter’s id card photo out. There should be a stamp, but adobe photoshoped it away. Wonder why they didn’t show him squatting at silly point?

But enough of the niceties, boys, both Katich and Kaif, though humble servants of the noble game, have not been long term prospects.

They lack glamour. They’re too sincere. Their ODI strike rates are low – Katich’s is less than 70, Kaif’s less than 73 – it’s 72 odd. Very odd. That’s almost like Saurav’s or Rahul’s. But 10 less on their middle aged average. Next -

Over to Marsh & whoever it was that took over from Kaif. Yuvraj?

Next – Raina, Rohit, Raina?

Rohit & Raina. A law firm yes, a cricket firm, yes too.

And how about Marsh & Hussey, David that is.

Even their profile pictures are more cricketlike. At least David’s is.

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