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At the end of the day does this make KP the most irritating phrase?

by Gaurav Sethi

KP’s ‘at the end of the day’ has been well documented here at BCC! And now, Oxford University has gone to town with it. According to them ‘At the end of the day’ is the most irritating phrase. Thank you Silly M(a)idon


straight point said...

with due respect to all i personally believe, at this moment in time, that its absolutely fairly unique nightmare at the end of day...

Gaurav Sethi said...

you sure linked up sp!

straight point said...

no G...its not rocket science either ;-))

sraghuna said...

Irregardless of KP's predilection for the phrase in question, I personally couldn't care less for the limeys, given that they are an absolute nightmare and shouldn't of ventured into this series without preparing for it 24/7! This is literally how everyone I know feels after taking into account their synergy with the denizens of the cricketing world

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day KP is just sore looser but fairer than RP (The Aussie one :))

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Megha said...

cheers for the link NC :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Rob, you've been added.

Cheers Megha!