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Colonial hangovers, cousins & KP endings

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

Notice how KP’s interests always hover around “At the end of the day” talk.

If he’s not ending days in post match conferences, he’s worried when the day will end in an Eastern Indian town.

Basically KP belongs to the erstwhile East India Company. He’s a trader at heart.

Ages back, his visiting card in SAF read, 'professional cricketer'.

Right now he’s worried that his men will not deliver the goods before thugs and night fall upon them.

KP knows “At the end of the day” takes place at

Half past three in the afternoon
A tad too soon
For the sun to abdicate to the moon
Queen E said the same about her buffoon

Once upon a time is how most fairytales open. But KP will tell you toughtales close with "At the end of the day".


straight point said...

at the end of is good guy...waiting other guys (read cows) to come home...

Anonymous said...

no no not the end of the day... it reminds me of my old boss who i often wanted to tear away the only remaining strand of hair on his head.

Gaurav Sethi said...

sp -mad cows

sorry again scorpi. i rmbr yr old boss.

sraghuna said...

Well at least his day ends without any rancourous backbiting a la the genitally located ones(down under)! As this trader in a cricketers guise continue to play under the influence of the erstwhile company's top seller i.e. opium, they should now be more interested in night falling rather than the end of the day!

Gaurav Sethi said...

sraghuna, point taken, tho kp is too vain to get beyond himself and even backbite.