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Switching on the series.

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

We’re halfway thru the series! Bear with that baloney at Bangalore. Ideally, the halfway crap should be documented after the 1st innings, during lunch break – we’ll be exactly 3 ½ games done (half of 7). Seeing that’s max yap time, who knows what will be said.

Flintoff for one will have some hectic saying to do. It’s almost as if he saw Ganguly disrobe at Kanpur. If his eye dance with Yuvi was riveting, then the next ball wicket was a series cometh out of slumber.

The Anglo Indian 7X24X7 ODI Series (Polls here) yearned for an object of collective contempt – with those two balls India could be on to something. As is England.

Expect Flintoff to have a go at two guys – Yuvraj and Gambhir. And for old time’s sake, some snorters at Sachin too. After a sharp catch, Paul will be calling wood too – that is, he will be calling the wood bearers names, got it?

Really, this game should find everyone in their element. Long as the elements don’t piss on our parade. At the end of the day...


Soulberry said...

Provided it doesn't rain of course. Bangalore is drenched according to Ott.

Anonymous said...

Rain rain again... an another D/L encounter how boring... grunt, oink.

Soulberry said...

quiet beginnings

Gaurav Sethi said...

44 overs a side? At this rate we'll have a hookah n drinks break