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Declaration of Indian intent

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

Kumble with the ball – who would have thought we’d welcome that.

At 201 runs behind, Shastri says “Australia will definitely avoid the follow on from here”.

After being on the field for over 125 overs, this Indian team must want to have another crack at the Aussies.

Shastri didn’t say that.

An injured Kumble needs to. One who is far more fiery than his fit avatar.

Bring out the bandages, I say.


straight point said...

he appeared so elated after taking haddin's wicket i thought he would 'climax' on pitch itself...

Gaurav Sethi said...

had to wait for this wicket more than kapil had to wait for the record.

Sandesh Kumar said...

Hey There,

My name is Sandesh and I run a Cricket Blog Do you want to add my blog to your Blog list, then i can add your blog to mine.

Waiting for your reply.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hi Sandesh, you've been added. cheers.