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How don't we play now

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

Try not to think of the second Ashes test played at the Adelaide Oval in December, 2006.

England scored over 550 runs, had a first innings lead of 38 runs, and lost the match.

India’s first innings lead is 36.

In the ’06 game, Collingwood scored 206.

Here, Gambhir made a similar score.

England declared after losing 6 wickets, India 7.

Australia still has the intent. They just don’t have Warne. Or McGrath.

But they have Clarke. Who also made a ton in that game.


straight point said...

what the hell was kumble thinking when he sent ishant as night watchman...? protecting dravid's run-per-ball average?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Can't send Zaks the batsman, Mishra the non-entity (has he even got a bat so far? - 1 innings in 2 tests, no avg, 0*), Jumbo gold finger, so ishant it is.