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Declaration of intent

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

Declaration of Aussie intent
There wasn’t any. And then India went and decided to declare its innings, somewhat indiscreetly, losing wickets in a manure heap. The Eastern blocked India, and he conjured an 8 for whom the bell tolls. India is already behind, in spite of being ahead – they have lost more sessions, and unless Aussie does something equally stupid, Ind will have to play ketchup, mustard and add various other saucy ingredients to pull this one off.

Australia should play as they did the last session, day2 (smooth as Daytona) and before long MSD will have fielders at deepest point, with no point to prove. Imagine how smug Kumble must be, with his speech blurb saying and you thought I was defensive.

Declaration of Indian intent
Ok, so you lose a few sessions, so what? Hell, this is a bigger Aussie type of ground – and some of the fielders might retire on the 3rd day itself – what do you do? Run them into the ground? Run out of ideas? Control the pace of the game. Frustrate. Sledge. Have Gambhir serve drinks (is he even in Nagpur?), and let the rest follow. Allow for felicitations during drinks breaks. Serve alcoholic beverages to Mr 8for200+. Pray Sehwag comes off again, Ponting gets defensive.


straight point said...

team india seems to have already decided they are gonna draw the game...

Gaurav Sethi said...

Oz too.
game should unravel after lunch.